Internect Story

Internect is a fibre infrastructure provider that
delivers lightening fast Open Access internet
to its customers.

Why Internect?

Our Open Access Active Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) packages provide uninterrupted and lightening fast internet to apartment blocks and commercial properties. Not only is Fibre an attractive feature in a home that can attract potential tenants, it is an extremely useful security measure (CCTV cameras and intercoms).

No Bandwidth Limit

Our upload and download speeds are symmetrical. This flexible solution means all bandwidth is fully synchronous – this is not seen on ADSL or on a GPON network for every client.

Unlike a GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) our Active Fibre connection has a guaranteed data speed and does not slow down during peak periods.

No Migration

Internect is an ISP neutral fibre provider which means we do not compete with the ISPs on our network and rather act as a service for a wide range of ISPs.

This means that you are able to switch to another provider free of charge. Internect charges ZERO migration fees.

No interruptions or delays

We function off an ACTIVE network which means each residential client and each unit will have a dedicated fibre pair.

Enjoy a seamless and fully supported internet connection for data and an additional line for whatever you choose, whether for DSTV, VoIP or any other service that requires an internet connection.

No interruptions and bandwidth speed drops during peak hours – you get what you pay for.

Benefits of Fibre Internet

Internect Commercial High Speed Fibre Internet Installations

Increase Property Value

Fibre is less expensive over time and a fantastic investment in a property. According to FTTH Council Africa, Fibre raises your property value by R50 000.

Internect Commercial High Speed Fibre Internet Installations

Start Your Smart Home

Fibre allows you to build that smart home you have always wanted – think streaming, low latency and continuous downloads.

Internect Commercial High Speed Fibre Internet Installations

Work from home

Fibre is also the perfect excuse to work from home due to its lightning fast upload and download speeds – it will be like you’re at the office!

Internect Commercial High Speed Fibre Internet Installations

Fibre is Green

Fibre is also greener, more durable than copper and has a longer lifespan. Unlike copper, fibre is made of glass (which is sand) – say goodbye to copper mining, stolen telephone lines and long periods of downtime.

Internect Commercial High Speed Fibre Internet Installations


Attention, Gamers! Internect’s ISPs aim to provide low latency fibre connections that are unshaped, unthrottled and unmatched.